Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An has highly spoke of Viettel’s cooperation, including the installation of a fibre-optic network linking Phnom Penh and provinces nationwide.

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, who is also the Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers, made the comment in Phnom Penh on Sept. 7 while receiving Hoang Anh Xuan, Director General of Viettel, a Vietnamese telecommunications company investing in Cambodia.

Deputy PM Sok An stressed the collaboration will help his government quickly implement an e-government system, improving state management and streaming currently cumbersome administrative procedures.

Viettel Director General Hoang Anh Xuan said his company will observe all regulations under the Cambodian investment law in order to maintain long-lasting cooperation.

The company’s investment in Vietnam’s neighbour is not only aimed at bringing in trade profits but also enhancing the good relationship between the two countries, he added.

He affirmed that Viettel will try its best to support Cambodia to develop an e-telecommunication system, ensuring that affordable telephone services are available to everyone in the country./.