For most Vietnamese people, candied coconut ribbons – made from a combination of coconut meat, sugar, and milk – is the favoured dessert of many people, especially during Tet holidays.

Since the old days when food and confectionaries were less abundant, and up until the present day where living conditions have been improved, lots of local coconut ribbon producers in Ben Tre province have still kept onto its traditional recipe and method.

To make this food, coconut flesh is removed from the shell and cut into thin ribbons, the ribbons are then boiled and drained. Finally they are coated in sugar.

The complete process requires technique, skill, and experience to make such fine candied coconut ribbons.

There are plenty of delicacies, both domestic and imported, offered for Tet, but candied coconut ribbons are still much loved as they capture the taste of the southern land.

To date, Ben Tre has more than 30 coconut products, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide.-VNA