Huynh Cu’s family in Gia An village, Pho Phong commune, boasts more than 30 years of experience in making grass brooms.

On average, his facility produces about 200 brooms of all types each day.

They are sold mainly in southern and Mekong Delta provinces and also exported to Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Nguyen Thi Le’s broom workshop has 10 workers. The “side job” has helped many households in the commune escape from poverty and improve their lives.

Le said the work is suitable for local people since they can do it in their free time and do not have to worry about whether it’s wet or dry.

Pho Phong commune now has more than 600 households engaged in broom production, creating work for nearly 1,000 local people and providing them with an average income of between 3 and 7 million VND a month each.

In order to strengthen the Pho Phong broom brand, the local government is conducting training sessions to help people improve their skills and diversify their products.

The locality is raising awareness to encourage broom producers to join cooperatives, register trademarks, and make brooms as the locality’s OCOP product./.