Quang Ngai province has allocated millions of US dollars to 2011 infrastructure investment in its three industrial zones in an effort to meet the target of luring 250 billion VND in investment projects in each of the five years to 2015.

The central province, home to the Dung Quat industrial zone where the nation’s largest oil refinery is based, has announced a project to invest over 128 billion VND (roughly 6.5 million USD) in completing the technical systems in two industrial zones, the Tinh Phong and Quang Phu, this year.

Other projects include 72 billion VND investments in building traffic roads and lighting system in the Pho Phong industrial zone which is under construction, and finishing a waste water treatment factory in the Quang Phu industrial zone.

In addition, the province has planned to provide investment for fast development of public services in industrial zones in an effort to attract medium and major-sized investment projects.

The province is offering stimuli for projects in electronics, electricity, light industry, mechanical manufacturing, precision engineering, farm produce and food processing, steel structure production and construction materials.

The provincial strategy on industrial zones also calls for priority to be given to projects that involve high technology, energy saving and automation and are environment friendly.

For example, the Saigon-Quang Ngai brewery in Quang Phu industrial zone, with an investment of almost 1.6 trillion VND, is using the latest EU technology.

Established 10 years ago, industrial zones in Quang Ngai province have so far attracted 81 projects with investment commitments up to almost 4.5 trillion VND. Of those, 60 projects are operating with an annual industrial output of over 3 trillion VND and provide stable jobs for over 8,000 workers. Thirteen other projects are under construction and eight have recently been licensed.

In 2010 alone, the provincial industrial zones licensed seven projects with a combined investment of 705 billion VND, more than doubling the yearly target./.