A ceremony was held at Muc Temple in northern Thai Nguyen province on February 10 to commemorate 1,470 years since King Ly Nam De acceded to the throne.

During the event, participants recalled the history as well as the life and career of the king.

This annual ceremony offers a chance for people in the province and Vietnam as a whole to commemorate King Ly Nam De’s great contributions to the country.

It also aims to educate local people to preserve historical relic sites related to the national hero.

Ly Nam De (503-548), whose real name was Ly Bi, was born in Co Phap village, Tien Phong commune, Pho Yen district, Thai Nguyen province.

In spring 542, a mass uprising led by him overthrew the Liang rulers. Over the next two years, Ly Bi continued to defeat the Chinese, who twice returned to invade Vietnam.

By 544, Ly Bi had declared the land an independent country, which he named "Van Xuan", literally meaning ‘Thousands of Springs’- as he hoped the country would exist for eternity. He crowned himself Nam De (King of the Southern land).

To commemorate his contributions, locals set up Muc Temple in his birthplace, where every 12th day of the first lunar month he is celebrated.-VNA