The Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosanitary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point said China is considering another 36 growing area codes and 18 packing facility codes for approval in the next time.

Farming area codes are meant for traceability to facilitate agricultural exports.

Qualified durians need to weigh three kilos each and meet stringent safety standards. They are required to have traceability stamps as well, which will be presented in English or Chinese and show the name of the packaging facility.

China, the world's largest durian market, began importing the fruit from Vietnam in 2022 after approving 51 farming area codes.

In 2022, Vietnam's durian export turnover was nearly 400 million USD, and of that, 300 million USD to China.

Vietnam now has about 50,000-60,000ha of durian growing areas for official export. Durian will be the 11th Vietnamese fruit to enter the Chinese market via official channels./.