Hou Xiang Yu comes from Shanxi, China. He has been living in Vietnam for seven years.

Like many other Vietnamese families, Yu and his wife, a Vietnamese woman, often take their daughter to Hang Ma street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to buy Mid-Autumn festival toys.

"There are many toys for children here. The atmostphere is excited. We feel very happy," Hou Xiang Yu said.

Tran Thi Yen, Yu's wife, said the festival is a chance for families to tighten bond and also a memorable time for children

The Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is a big annual event celebrated in some Asian countries, including China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Vietnam.

For the Vietnamese people, the event is considered a festival for children when they can attend dragon dance performances, enjoy traditional cakes, decorate fruit trays and receive toys on these festive days.

"In Vietnam, you can see the atmostphere of the Mid-Autumn festival when seeing toys for children, " Hou Xiang Yu said. "In my country, this is a chance for family reunion. There is a difference between the way we celebrate the festival," he added.

Besides colourful toys, moon cake is another indispensable part of the Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam. Learning about that, Liang Yu from Sichuan, China, attended a moon cake making workshop in Hanoi. She shared she has learnt about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and Chinese culinary at the workshop.

Liang Yu said: "At this workshop, I have learnt about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and Chinese culinary. I also understand more about Vietnam and my country's gastronomy." 

By one way or another, Chinese in Vietnam are joining the locals to enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival. The event is not only a festive day for children or family reunion but also a cultural bridge to connect people.-VNA