A writing contest with the theme: Nguoi Hanoi (Hanoians) was launched to celebrate the capital’s 1,000 th anniversary.

lThe contest is being held by The Thao & Van Hoa (Sport & Culture) newspaper with the cooperation of Vietnam Television, the Vietnam Airlines Corporation and the Motion Media and VietPictures companies.

Contestants can send their writings to the organising board via website at nguoihanoi.thethaovanhoa.v n from until June 30.

Through the entries, 100 Hanoians will be selected and their stories developed into five-minute films to be broadcast on VTV1 from March until the great anniversary, which falls in October.

Characters of the contest will be Hasnoians who have strong attachments to the city’s cultural features.

They should be living and working in Hanoi , or born Hanoians who are now living elsewhere, but still contributing to the betterment of the city.

Each film will portray one person. They can be well-known or an emerging personality.

The programme will be an opportunity to discover even more great things about this thousand year old capital, says director Truong Cong Tu.

“The programme will be a great challenge to the filmmakers.

In such a short time, we will need to portray the true character of these people,” he says.

“Another difficulty will be how to re-new wellknown characters and bring unfamiliar characters closer to the audience.”

Tu says he hopes that after the programme, both contestants and audiences will gain new insights into this lovely old city./.