Recently, the Hanoi People’s Committee approved a scheme on organising and operating Children’s Council for the 2017 - 2020 period. The move aims to enhance children’s participation in issues of their own interests.

The Vietnam Association for Protection of Children’s Rights has organised training classes to encourage kids to speak their mind on issues concerning them, and also equip them with soft skills. The model is expected to lay a foundation for kids to get involved in the formulation of social policies.

Under the programme promoting children’s engagement in issues related to their own affairs in 2016 – 2020 approved by the Prime Minister, Hanoi is one of the first five cities and provinces in Vietnam to pilot the model “Children’s Council”.  Each council comprises 41 kids aged 9 to 15 nominated and selected from their districts. The Municipal People’s Council meets with the Children’s Council annually to collect their opinions.

To better the development of policies regarding minors, the establishment of children’s council is necessary. Yet, it still requires more work to improve.

The children’s council model, along with Child Law, is expected to improve the building of policies concerning kids.

The ideology of kids’ absolute obedience to their parents is no longer suitable in the modern world. Instead, a communication channel between children and their parents, teachers and society like Children’s Council is needed. It not only helps minors enrich their knowledge and skills, but also helps policymakers put forth more relevant policies regarding children.-VNA