A couple has turned their hotel into accommodation for nearly 40 orphans and lonely elderly people. The hotel is in Thu Dau Mot town in the southern province of Binh Duong.

Just a few hundred metres from the popular tourist site Dai Nam, the Ngoc Quy hotel is built on nearly 1,000 square metres with 50 rooms.

In 2012 while the hotel was faring well, the owners decided to use the hotel as a centre to take care of orphans and lonely elderly people.  

 “Since I was a child, I have always wanted to help orphans and lonely elderly people. So far, my centre has been home to more than 30 orphans and 10 elderly people but most have died. I also provide charity acupuncture for free and just receive vegetables, diapers or milk for the children,”said Do Thi Quy, a philanthropist.

 Quy’s husband, Mr. Quang Suc said it was very difficult when the children got sick. However, as long as he still in good health, he will try his best to take care of them.

The couple has never regretted turning the hotel into an orphanage. At present, their centre is home to 38 orphans and two lonely elderly people.

Money for nurturing, providing medical treatment for children and old people and children’s education comes from the couple’s savings and donation.

The couple has been supported by their own children who have always helped their parents care for the children and the elderly.

Mrs Bay, an elder living in the shelter said that she has been here for seven years. This centre is home to children abandoned on the street. Mrs Quy and her husband are taking care of them.

Duong Thi My Hang, the Vice Chairwoman of Hiep An Ward People’s Committee said that Ngoc Quy centre meets the society’s need for charitable activities and shares the locality’s burdens in taking care of disadvantaged people.

The centre has also opened a traditional medicine clinic to provide free examinations for poor people on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday./.