COVID-19 cover needed for long-stay O-A visas in Thailand hinh anh 1Holders of O-A (retirement) visas will need COVID-19 insurance of at least 3 million THB. (Photo: Bangkok Post)
Bangkok (VNA) - Foreign nationals with the non-immigrant O-A visa will in the future have to prove they have insurance coverage of at least 100,000 USD (about 3 million THB) against COVID-19.

Traisuree Taisaranakul, deputy spokeswoman for the government, said the proposal was approved in principle by the cabinet and it would apply to all holders of the one-year visa.

The extra COVID-19 insurance coverage regulation does not apply to other non-immigrant visa categories: marriage, business, educational and media, among others.

The new rule follows an amendment to the regulations approved by the cabinet in April last year.

At present, holders of the non-immigrant O-A visa must be insured to the tune of just 40,000 THB for out-patient treatment and 400,000 THB for in-patient treatment at a hospital.

Future non-immigrant O-A visa applicants must produce proof they have taken out the far higher insurance against COVID-19 and if they are eligible for state-sponsored welfare or insurance, the same minimum coverage applies.

Those seeking to renew their non-immigrant O-A visas are free to buy the insurance from abroad.

Traisuree said the current non-immigrant O-A visa regulations were flawed as expats aged over 70 could not buy insurance in Thailand, causing them to be disqualified from extending their stay in the remaining long-term in the country./.