The Cu Chi Tunnels stretch a total length of over 250 km. They were dug with simple tools and bare hands in the 1940s, during the French occupation. The main axis system has a host of branches leading to underground hideouts, shelters, and entrances to other tunnels.

Nowadays visitors can experience these difficult yet triumphant days underground.

Today, the tunnel is a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists, for those who are interested in discovering strange and unique places and country history.

Visitors will be able to understand the resilience and unyielding will of the people who lived in the tunnels. The poor but heroic land faced 21 years of warfare against a well-trained enemy with modern weapons.

Cu Chi began to be known as a “barren land” between 1969 and 1972 as no animal or plant could live there due to US bombs and the use of Agent Orange and dioxins. A worship area was built with 44,379 stone steles to remember the fallen at Cu Chi.

The historical site has been preserved and become a popular tourism destination, attracting thousands of visitors - both Vietnamese and foreign - every day./.