Like a museum of sea and islands cultural heritage, Ly Son has a long history and cultural traditions. Dozens of historical relics on the island are historical evidence proving Vietnamese settled on the island hundreds of years ago.

With an area of about 10 km2, Ly Son now has more than 50 cultural and historical relics, such as Am Linh temple, Hang pagoda and An Vinh, An Hai communal houses, among others. 

In a series of historical and cultural relics in Ly Son, An Vinh village gate is not only an evidence of the long-term settlement of the people on the island, but also confirms Vietnam's sovereignty over the archipelagos of Hoang Sa (Paracels)  and Truong Sa (Spratlys) archipelagos through feast and commemoration festival for Hoang Sa soldiers ceremony held every year.

To preserve and promote cultural and historical values on the island, over the past years, local authorities have mobilised the locals to participate in the protection and renovation of monuments in the area to preserve cultural heritage and intensify tourism development.

Promoting the cultural and historical values left by their forefathers, Ly Son people continue to be industrious, resilient to the sea and work together to build a beautiful and rich country.-VNA