The central city of Da Nang is in high season for foreign tourists. However, heavy rains in recent days have caused difficulties for both tourists and tourism activities in the city.

Ngu Hanh Son or Mable Mountains has always been a must-see tourist destination for foreign holidaymakers coming to Da Nang. However, with recent development of torrential rains and serious flooding, management board of the site has ceased any visiting activities to ensure safety for tourists.

Meanwhile, My Khe beach turns into a horror show with rubbish drift into the shore after the storm. The tourism hotspot now requires immediate clean-up activities to restore the beauty of the site.

Tourism companies have to change courses and accommodation providers such as hotels are now working on full speed to serve remaining tourists who are not able to go on tours due to bad weather.

Heavy rains are expected to hit Da Nang in few more days, affecting the lives of local residents, as well as the tourism sector of Da Nang. Necessary protective measures have been deployed to ensure tourists’ safety./.