The black-and-white photos capture Minh’s impression of the people, rhythms of life and unique cultural features of Hanoi. Readers will feel his sense of humor through his unique perspectives and witty captions accompanying each photo.

Minh returned to live in the capital city a year and a half ago and has since taken more photos of local life.

The photos in the book were taken entirely with Minh's iPhone. The book is available in three languages, Vietnamese, English and Italian, with writer Paola Boncompagni doing the Italian translation.

Minh is a Vietnamese-American who served as a diplomat for the United Nations. He used to work in Madagascar, Bhutan, Nepal, Siri Lanka, Madrid, Myanmar, and Laos. He currently lives in Hanoi.

All proceeds from Hanoi Hanoi will be presented to Agent Orange/dioxin victims in Vietnam./.