Central Highlands Dak Nong province needs to give due attention to developing healthcare, education and training to ensure its ethnic minorities will enjoy better spiritual and material lives.

The request was made by a delegation from the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands Region, led by the Committee’s Standing Deputy Head Tran Viet Hung, during their working session with Dak Nong authorities in the locality on June 12.

The working session inquired into the province’s socio-economic development, and political security and social order maintenance.

The Committee’s officials asked the province to increase investments in transport infrastructure, irrigation works, power stations, schools, health clinics and clean water supply facilities.

In addition, social welfare policies need to be executed in a more efficient manner to help firmly safeguard political security and social order, and forest protection and development should be accelerated, the officials said.

According to the provincial authorities, Dak Nong is pushing up the formation of production areas for industrial crops with high economic value, like coffee, black pepper and cashew.

Land-related petitions lodged by local people have been handled promptly while a string of security measures has been taken, ensuring political stability in rural areas, especially the ethnic minority people-inhabited areas.

Construction of facilities supporting the Nhan Co Aluminum plant project is being expedited and the management of foreign guest workers is tightened in line with the country’s law, the local officials reported.

The province is implementing resettlement projects for more than 100,000 undocumented emigrants to enable them to stabilise their lives in new places.

At the meeting, the provincial leaders asked for the allocation of more capital from the State budget for the building of roads, irrigation works, schools, medical stations and clean water supply.

They voiced the need for being assisted in connecting with other key economic zones in the country and increasing the application of scientific and technological advances in the fields of education-training, agriculture and farm product processing.-VNA