Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has requested ministries and sectors review insufficient ethnic policies and propose adjustments, replacements and supplementations.

Over the past years, ethnic policies issued by the Government have helped to improve both material and spiritual conditions of ethnic minority groups in mountainous areas through rapid poverty reduction.

However, the poverty rate remains relatively high, noted the Deputy PM, pointing to ineffective implementation and overlapping ethnic policies as contributing factors.

He urged the Government Committee for Ethnic Affairs to coordinate with ministries and agencies to complete a report on major ethnic policies in terms of education, healthcare and credit access.

Meanwhile, ministries and agencies should provide the committee with updated information on the realisation of the policies in order to help the committee clarify identical and unfeasible policies and make adequate proposals, he asked.

The committee, in collaboration with ministries, should also make a list of investment priorities, requested the Deputy PM, urging active affiliation between committees and ministries in designing, adjusting and supervising policies between 2016 and 2020.

Deputy PM Dam also directed the Ministries of Finance, and Planning and Investment to prioritise areas with a high density of ethnic minority people and difficult regions with high poverty rates in the allocation of resources to localities.

Resource priorities should also be focused on impoverished communes home to ethnic minority groups during the implementation of the national target programme for new-style rural area building, urged the Deputy PM.-VNA