Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has urged the Ministry of Health to be vigilant against measles, dengue fever and hand-foot-mouth diseases.

The Deputy PM made the remarks while chairing a meeting with the health ministry in Hanoi on May 11 to discuss measures against the three diseases during the summer.

He urged the ministry to effectively treat patients to limit the death toll and contain the spread of the diseases in hospitals and the community, and told them to ensure they have sufficient vaccinations for people who are at risk of catching them.

He said that the ministry should also work with the Ministry of Information and Communication to raise public awareness of the issue, and encourage people to swiftly detect infections for prompt treatment.

According to the health ministry, measles hit Vietnam in late December 2013. By April 15 this year, the country reported over 3,000 cases in 61 out of 63 cities and provinces. The disease claimed 25 lives, while the number of fatalities from measles complications surmounted 100. Sufferers were mainly under-10 children, 86.4 percent of whom had not received full vaccinations.

Meanwhile, the country has reported 17,410 hand-foot-mouth cases, including two deaths, and 7,931 dengue fever patients with four fatalities, mainly due to poor public awareness about personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.-VNA