Running a business is never an easy task for anyone, not to mention those with disabilities. Yet, there are still disabled people who overcome difficulties to pursue their start-up dream.

Despite being born with hemiparesis Tran Manh Huy has never stopped fighting to win a good life. The ambitious young Saigon-native chose Da Nang as a starting point of his dream to offer job opportunities for the poor and the disabled in the central region. His business process outsourcing service has been gradually building a name among the start-up community in Vietnam.

Tran Manh Huy, CEO of VBPO Joint Stock Company told reporters: "I think that people with disabilities can be a great human resource if they are properly trained and employed.  I worked with Japanese partners to provide outsourcing services. Disabled people working in VBPO can provide data entry service so that our partners can carry on their work."

Huy is a pioneer in data entry service in Vietnam. With 50 Japanese partners, various branches in central cities and provinces and 200 employees, of which 30 percent are people with disabilities, Huy has written an inspiring story for the disabled across Vietnam.

Le Tat Hanh, Project Coordinator of VBPO Joint Stock Company said: "Despite being a disabled person, after being assisted by my colleagues, now I can do my job very well and cover my family’s living expenses."

Nguyen Van Nhan, Manager of VBPO Joint Stock Company said, after seven years working there, his mindset was changed toward a more positive manner. Now he is more confident and can get along well with everyone. He has learnt so much from VBPO, from his colleagues, who always help him a lot, he added.

Huy has never stopped dreaming. He is now striving to apply automation and artificial intelligence in his services to improve work productivity and quality.

He and his companions are proving themselves to be fierce competitors amid the fourth industrial revolution.-VNA