When talking about Truong Sa archipelago, people think of soldiers safeguarding national sovereignty and territory. But they also should think about doctors who silently contribute to the archipelago. During a Truong Sa trip, our reporters had a chance to visit a medical station on Nam Yet island and learn about the doctors’ work there.


Doctors are thought of as mothers due to the importance of their work. The motto is particularly true on Truong Sa archipelago, with its huge waves and whirlwinds. For soldiers and fishermen there, doctors are the only aid when they are sick.

Cao Duc Son, a soldier on Nam Yet island has recovered after appendicitis. If he waited to go to the mainland for treatment, the situation would have become worse, even threatening his life.

With simple facilities, the medical staff with only two doctors and five nurses has been treating more than 100 soldiers on Nam Yet island and fishermen as well.

Provided with equipment from the mainland such as ultrasound scanners, blood pressure monitoring machines and breathing machines, along with the doctors’ skill and enthusiasm, the small medical station can perform surgeries and treat conventional traumas.

With a high sense of responsibility and medical ethics, the doctors on the island silently save many lives. The timely treatment they give helps soldiers safeguard national sovereignty.-VNA