“Dong Cam” Dam is located in Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province. The dam stays hidden behind forest and mountains, faraway from any popular tourist locations, but its magnetic beauty still draws people in to visit and explore.

Dong Cam Dam was designed under the vision of a French architect in 1917. The construction started from 1924 with the labour of thousands of Phu Yen residents and finished in 1932. This is a special project with not only great economic but also aesthetic values.

The dam is the largest irrigation project in Phu Yen at present, with more than 2500 sections. The 688-meter long dam has two main canals, “Chinh Bac” (North) and “Chinh Nam” (South), serving their purpose of agricultural irrigation in Tuy Hoa. Dong Cam Dam connects the high mountains of Tru Cac and Quy Hau, framing a charming landscape.

Above the dam is a small lake flowing down creating a fall erupting into the rocks, which vary in sizes and shapes and carry a strong resemblance of a diorama of the sea, with the waves hitting the pristine islands.

This untouched beauty leaves travellers from far and near in awe and as their words spread, more and more people start to flock to Dong Cam Dam to explore this unique site.

On January 8th every year, the local residents gather here in attendance of the Dong Cam Dam Festival to pay tribute to the people who built the dam and brought economic benefits to the Phu Yen folks./.