A report by the Ministry of Information and Communications shows that Vietnam will be short of approximately 1.2 million people needed in the IT sector by 2020. What should education institutions be doing in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Join us for more.

During the course of its 20 years of operations, this university has provided 400-500 IT workers for the labour market each year. However, the university leader said this is just a drop in the ocean since the labour demand from just four large enterprises totalled as many as 10,000 workers.

Over the last three years, job vacancies in the IT-software sector have increased by 47 percent per year, but the number of workers has grown by only 8 percent. In 2018, as much as 80,000 IT engineers graduated, but the market is still short by 70,000 workers. So what are the causes of this bottleneck?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a fairer playground for IT companies globally. Vietnamese training institutions will fall behind if they are not quick to adapt to modern demands./.-VNA