For many people, the World Cup is an exciting event to be eagerly looked forward to. However, many football fans in Vietnam have to put aside their passion because of their work.

7pm, at Giap Bat truck parking area in Hanoi.

After parking their vehicles, these long-distance truck drivers gather at a small restaurant to watch football.

Due to work, many of their pals are still on the way, so the atmosphere is subdued.

Tran Cong Loi, truck driver said: "We are long distance drivers. There is no TV in our vehicles. But those who like football can enjoy the games over the radio. In the past, I liked watching football but I did not know who were the good players. This year, listening to the radio and watching TV, I think Ronaldo plays well.”

The 2018 World Cup is being held in Russia, which is four hours behind Vietnam. Most of the matches take place between 7 and 10pm (Vietnam time), when long-distance drivers can take a rest and many drivers can watch the games.

Nguyen Van Sang, truck driver said: ""During the previous World Cup, I just watched football matches when I was at home but now, I can watch the games or listen to the radio whenever I am free. Beyond that time, we have to work.”

If some truck drivers can make use of their rest time to watch the World Cup, a small number of other drivers do not get that chance.

As a Grab driver, Nguyen Tien Chung often follows football matches via radio. While waiting for customers, he can also watch the games through mobile phone applications.

Nguyen Tien Chung, Grab driver said: "Actually, I am very passionate about football. I like watching football but because of work requirements, I cannot watch the games. However, I feel satisfied because I feel like I am living in the heat of the World Cup season."

The World Cup is always a remarkable event, a festival for football fans. However, because of job duties, not everyone is able to fully enjoy the games.-VNA