As many as 80 scholars, independent researchers and representatives from relevant agencies nationwide gathered in Hanoi on April 26 for the second national workshop on the East Sea.

The workshop on disputes over sovereignty on the East Sea : history, geopolitics and international law aimed at sharing Vietnam ’s view on legal bases and history relating to national sovereignty in the East Sea area.

The participants shared their research on the East Sea and assessment of recent developments in the East Sea , the role of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, regional cooperation relating to the issue, and then gave opinions on the country’s policy orientations, defending national benefits in the East Sea .

According to the Centre for East Sea Research under the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, there have been complex new developments on disputes over sovereignty on the East Sea since 2009. Both major countries like China and the US , and concerned countries in ASEAN such as Indonesia and the Philippines have made adjustments to their East Sea policies.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam organised the first national workshop on the East Sea in 2009, and two international workshops on the East Sea in November, 2009 in Hanoi and November, 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City./.