Trang Thi Cau, with great care and precision, meticulously applies each line of beeswax on to the surface of woven linen fabric, during the initial preparation stage for brocade weaving.

She devotes entire days to weaving a single piece of brocade.

Living in the remote border area of Nam Po, which is predominantly inhabited by Mong ethnic people, Cau has seen that, the villagers often wear imported or store-bought clothes.

This deeply concerns her, as she fears the traditional art of brocade weaving may be disappearing.

As domestic and international orders began to come in more regularly, Cau and other women established an embroidery group, with support from the local women’s union.

There are two models in the commune of women engaged in embroidering and sewing Mong ethnic costumes, as well as a skirt embroidery model, which has attracted 70 participants.

Depending on its style and size, each outfit ranges from 80-160 USD, providing members with average annual incomes of 1,200 to over 2,000 USD.

Trang Thi Cau and other members of the weaving group are doing their best to both expand markets, and preserve the traditional craft./.