The traditional brocade weaving of the Thai ethnic group in Luong Ngoai village, Lung Niem commune, in Ba Thuoc district had almost sunk into oblivion. Villagers, however, are now doing what they can to save the craft.

With considerable experience in traditional brocade weaving, Ha Thi Tam, an ethnic Thai woman in Thanh Lam commune, Ba Thuoc district, has endeavoured to preserve the craft.
She uses brocade to make dresses, shirts, pillows, mats, and curtains. Her products have become popular at many homestays and among tourists, thanks to their eye-catching designs.

The range of brocade products from Ba Thuoc district has expanded both in number and designs, and found favour at many community-based tourism sites like Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

With 81 households keeping traditional brocade weaving alive, Bac Thuoc has been recognised as a traditional craft village. Brocade weaving generates more than 200 USD per month for each local artisan.

With concerted efforts from local authorities and ethnic people, Thai and Mong brocade weaving in Bac Thuoc district is sure to develop further, contributing to preserving traditional culture and improving local livelihoods./.