These results were found in a survey to determine the Business Climate Index (BCI) in the second quarter of the year, announced by the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (or EuroCham) on July 4.

Some 79 percent of European business leaders said they appreciate Vietnam’s green development potential, and nearly 90 percent believe Vietnam should strengthen the development of its green sector to attract more foreign investment.

A representative from EuroCham said instability in the global economy is the leading cause of the slight downturn in confidence in Vietnam’s business environment, and Vietnam is not alone in facing this problem.

According to a representative from YouGov, which conducted the BCI survey, foreign investor confidence in Vietnam remains basically stable at this volatile time. FDI inflows into the country will therefore be maintained.

Vietnam’s green growth potential is indeed encouraging European investors. YouGov believes the BCI results for the second quarter and the Vietnamese market in general should be seen in a positive light./.