Exams to be held to select potential leaders, managers hinh anh 1A pilot selection of leaders and managers at department and division levels will be conducted in 14 ministries and 22 provinces and cities nation-wide. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Exams to select leaders and managers at department and division levels will be piloted in 14 ministries and 22 provinces and cities nationwide, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Minister of Home Affairs Le Vinh Tan said examinations will be held to select the most suitable candidates instead of using the previous appointment system.

“This is a renewal of the selection mode and the initial step in the whole personnel process, not a replacement of the cadre work. By doing so, it will promote the transparency, publicity, democracy and selection of the right person for the right position,” said Tan.

Examinations will only target potential leaders and managers appointed for the first time. Besides those eligible for the examinations, outside officials can sit the exams if they are qualified and eligible to be promoted to similar positions and are working in the same ministries, departments, sectors, areas and localities.

Candidates sitting the exams must be approved by the management body, Minister Tan said, and at least two people must sit each examination for each position.

The practice is in line with the Party Central Committee Secretariat’s implementation of the “Pilot renewal of selecting leaders and managers at department and division levels” project, the e-newspaper Vietnamplus reported.

The pilot aims to detect, attract and properly use talented persons, enabling them to contribute intellectual and physical strengths to national development.

It also aims to improve the quality of State employees, leading and managing officials at department and division levels, create a competitive environment, renew the process of appointing leaders and managers and prevent closed-shop activities in the planning and promotion of leaders and managers in ministries, departments, sectors and localities.-VNA