For years, farmers in the northern mountainous province of Bac Kan have escaped from poverty by growing tangerine trees. Among them, Lưu Chấn Thụ in Na Thoi hamlet, Quang Thuan commune, Bach Thong district, has emerged as one of the most successful fruit tree grower.

These are Thu’s tangerine trees heavy with fruit. The trees are grown on a hill. For 13 years, Thu has grown tangerine and orange on 6 ha, harvesting fruits on 4 ha with an average output of 60 tonnes. The fruits have brought him 500-700 million VND each year.

Apart from tangerine, Thu has also planted oranges, which promise high yield.

Thu’s cultivation area has applied VietGap standards since 2014. His fruits are popular thanks to their appearance and quality.

At present, Bach Thong district is home to 1,200 ha of tangerine and orange, accounting for half of the province’s total area. The signature fruit of Bac Kan has been granted a certificate of geographical indication.

Citrus is one of the products that provide the main source of income for households in Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province, helping them escape from poverty and create jobs.-VNA