Thanh’s family used to own 6 plots of barren land with low productivity, and traders would often pressure him to lower the price. Supported by the state, he attended a technical training course, and then boldly converted the inefficient rice paddys to cultivate Thai cucumbers. He said that the economic efficiency of cucumbers is 4-5 times higher than rice.

Cucumber cultivation is not difficult and it can be harvested quickly, so farmers can increase crop rotation. After many years of successfully growing cucumbers, Thanh has accumulated enough capital to buy more land and expand production. At present, Thanh earns nearly 12,500 USD a year.

As the cucumber farm expands, Thanh is hiring more workers and this has created jobs and stable incomes for local residents of 140 USD/ month.

With diligence, hard work, and the application of scientific and technical advances, Tang Truong Thanh has developed a thriving business and helped lift the lives of locals in Lang Son Hamlet./.