Vietnam Film Studio and its Japanese partner Agro Picture next week wrap up shooting of a feature film based on the biography of a Japanese woman living in Vietnam.

Cuoc Song Moi O Vietnam (New Life in Vietnam) has been written by Uichiro Kitazato, who is also knowledgeable about Vietnamese history and lifestyles, based on Miyuki Komatsu's book.

Meritorious Artist Tat Binh, one of the film's two executive directors, said his crew, both Vietnamese and Japanese, spent several months preparing for filming.

"We worked with dozens of experts in language, costume design, and props to improve their knowledge and understanding how all of these fields in the film are important technically and socially.

"Our film is a story of human culture."

The film is about the life of a Japanese teacher, Shaso Misao, who decided to take her 82-year-old mother to live in Hanoi.

The mother, Sasho Shizue, feels completely at home in the city.

Both make many friends and learn about Vietnamese culture from neighbours.

"Before writing the film's script, I spent days reading books and magazines on Vietnam and its history, culture and people," scriptwriter Kitazato said.

"I discovered that Vietnamese are simple and compassionate."

The film has 37 Japanese actors, cameramen and sound and light effects specialists besides some talented Vietnamese actors like Tran Nhuong, Tran Hanh, Mai Chau, Diem Loc and Lan Huong.

Post-production will be completed in Hanoi early next year.-VNA