The Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex), the country’s largest fuel wholesaler, raised the retail price of several fuel varieties as of 15:00 pm on March 11, the second adjustment and the first rise this year.

Accordingly, the prices of petrol RON95 and petrol RON92 jumped 1,610 VND (0.075 USD) per litre to 17,880 VND (0.84 USD) and 17,280 VND (0.81 USD) per litre, respectively, while bio-fuel E5 price increased by 1,600 VND per litre to 16,950 VND (0.8 USD).

Diesel and kerosene prices rose by 710 VND (0.03 USD) to 15,880 VND (0.74 USD) and 16,320 VND (0.76 USD) per litre, respectively.

Mazut now costs 12,760 VND (0.6 USD) per litre, up 910 VND (0.042 USD).

The same day, the Ministry of Industry and Trade lowered state subsidies for fuel from the Fuel Price Stabilisation Fund.

For example, subsidies for gasoline RON95 and RON92 were cut by 596 VND per litre to 1,852 VND (0.087 USD) while those for diesel fell 462 VND per litre to 888 VND (0.041 USD).-VNA