A 108-episode film on Vietnam’s traditional practice of the worship of mother goddesses will be made public on May 12 for the first time. 

The film is a joint product of Nhật Nguyệt Cultural Limited Company and An Vien Television to honour the traditional values of the practice related to the Vietnamese belief in mother goddesses.

The film gives an insight into the worship of Mother Goddesses in Vietnam, the role of the four realms in the belief, the stories about the deities being worshipped and measures to preserve and uphold the values of the belief.

Mother Goddess worship is a traditional practice in Vietnam with a long history, having stood the test of social changes.

The belief in Mother Goddess worship reflects people’s desire for health, wealth and fortune.

The practice rituals meet belief-related needs by people in their daily life and have been closely associated with historical and cultural figures, such as Lieu Hanh, Au Co, Vuong Mau (legendary Mother of Saint Giong).

The belief has been practiced in numerous northern mountainous provinces across the nation since the 16th century.

The belief of the mother goddess of three realms worship by Vietnamese was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2016.-VNA