The first national conference on organ transplants is being held in Ho Chi Minh City between October 27 and 29.

The seminar, with the participation of senior scientists from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia and Vietnam, discussed a wide range of issues such as the latest techniques, experiences and medical ethics in viscera transplants.

Participants agreed that organ transplant is the only solution for saving lives of patients with deadly diseases and helping them get back to normal life.

In Vietnam , the first organ transplant surgery was carried out in 1992 at the Military Hospital 103 in Hanoi . During 2010-2013, the country successfully carried out 10 heart, 12 liver and more than 400 kidney transplants. Most of the transplants have been done at Cho Ray Hospital in HCM City , and Viet-Duc Hospital and Military Hospital 103 in Hanoi.

Vietnam has issued a law and many regulations relating to viscera transplants, along with equipping medical staff and developing infrastructure meeting the needs of the work.

However, it is facing looming challenges from a shortage of donated organs, especially from brain dead donors. In addition, the cost of treatment, while one of the lowest in the world, is still high compared with people’s average income.-VNA