Following Uncle Ho’s footsteps: Hanoi youth active in innovation hinh anh 1President Ho Chi Minh at the national congress of the National Salvation Youth Union in Hanoi in 1956 (File photo)

Hanoi (VNA) – Throughout his revolutionary career, President Ho Chi Minh always put great trust in the Vietnamese youth. He taught a lot to youngsters and youth unions, and the teachings remain relevant now.

The cradle of revolutionary movements

Highlighting the late leader’s thoughts about the youth, Nguyen Duc Tien, Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCM CYU) of Hanoi and chairman of the City Youth Federation, Uncle Ho spent much time educating the youth and encouraging them to engage in national liberation, construction and defence.

He considered the youth as the vanguard force in all fronts, and the reserve force of the Party.

The leader very early clarified the great role of the youth in national liberation. “The youth will be the owners of the nation. Young people must continuously study, continuously progress,” he stated.

Uncle Ho taught the youth to equip themselves with knowledge in various fields, which enables them to reach out to the world and bring prosperity to their homeland, said Tien.

Tien noted that President Ho Chi Minh laid much hope on the youth in the capital city. “In all activities, the capital’s youth must be the role models for the youth nationwide,” Tien quoted the leader as saying.

During the war, young people became soldiers. In time of peace, they led the way in studying and working, reducing poverty, constructing and defending the nation.

Following Uncle Ho’s footsteps: Hanoi youth active in innovation hinh anh 2President Ho Chi Minh talks to delegates at the congress of young volunteers in the anti-US national salvation war for the northern region in January 1967 (File photo)

Following Uncle Ho’s teaching, the youth in Hanoi took the leading role in revolutionary youth campaigns both in wartime and in national construction and development.

Throughout nine decades, the HCM CYU of the city has had great influence on youth movements in the country and even in other countries like Vientiane of Laos.

The union has received the Independence Order, first-class, twice, along with many noble awards from the Party, State and international youth organisations, said Tien.

Tien explained that, in different periods of the revolution, Uncle Ho’s teachings have been applied in a creative and flexible manner.

Following Uncle Ho’s footsteps: Hanoi youth active in innovation hinh anh 3Nguyen Duc Tien, Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCM CYU) of Hanoi and chairman of the City Youth Federation

In the current period, to understand the leader’s teachings, the youth should master science and technology as well as foreign languages, while actively integrating into the world. Meanwhile, they must persist in the goals and ideologies of the Party.

Flexible application in line with the function of different units

Regarding specific action programmes to promote the studying and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example among members of the union and youngsters, Tien quoted the leader as saying “a living mirror is more than hundreds of speeches.”

Only with practical actions can the studying and following the leader’s example become a regular and daily habit.

The city HCM CYU and Youth Federation have organised revolutionary action movements among youngsters, which are associated with political tasks of each agency and unit.

The contents of the movements are designed to suit different groups of youngsters, thus promoting their strengths and professional capacity. Meanwhile, outstanding models and good deeds of youngsters have been honoured and multiplied.

The youth in enterprises are the pioneering forces in the implementation of professional tasks as well as finding new innovation in techniques and working process, contributing to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the work.

Meanwhile, youngsters in administrative agencies have increased the quality of their services and attitudes. They have voluntarily worked on Saturdays while increasing the application of information technology in their work.

At the same time, the youth in armed forces have worked to enhance their capacity by practicing and renovating their working style, building and implementing plans to ensure political security and absolute safety for the capital city.

Those in other sectors, such as construction, have worked hard, speeding up the progress of the work.

The youth in the service sectors, such as tourism, trade and transportation have designed plans to improve the quality of their services and build the culture in enterprises, trade activities and traffic.

In all fields of their social lives, following Uncle Ho’s teachings, the youth have worked enthusiastically to complete all assigned missions.

Following Uncle Ho’s footsteps: Hanoi youth active in innovation hinh anh 4Hanoi youngsters engage in voluntary activities

Mentioning activities to educate and train the youth to become the reserve force of the Party, Tien said that the work has been implemented through practical movements and actions. The HCM CYU has created an optimal environment for young people to develop themselves.

The union’s movements have contributed to promoting the role of the youth in all fields. Through the movements, the youth have been educated in political ideology and received guidelines to practice good lifestyle and standard morality.

All-level youth organisations have also renewed themselves, while youth union officials have enhanced their theoretical and professional capacity and foreign language skills to access new knowledge, while staying persistent in fighting degradation in morality./.

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