Former Deputy Transport Minister Nguyen Hong Truong prosecuted hinh anh 1Former Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) - Former Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong has been charged with violating provisions on the management and use of State assets that causes losses and wastefulness.

The charge was announced on August 14 by Major General To An Xo, Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security.

He added that the ministry’s Investigation Police Agency has also commenced legal proceedings against three other persons: former Transport Minister Dinh La Thang, acting Director of the Transport Ministry’s Financial Department Nguyen Chi Thanh, and Le Trung Cuong, a specialist at the department. They are accused of the same count as Truong.

Truong was stripped of his status as former Deputy Minister of Transport in the 2011-2015 and 2016-2017 periods for his serious violations and wrongdoings.

He is being held responsible for violations and shortcomings at the Transport Ministry’s Party Civil Affairs Committee during his terms of office as deputy minister and head of the ministry’s Steering Committee for Enterprise Reform and Development.

He is personally accountable for his decisions approving the corporate valuation, equitisation plans, and State capital divestment strategies of a number of enterprises under the ministry’s authority, as well as for suggesting the approval of equitisation plans, which was beyond his mandate./.