Former Hanoi mayor faces new charge hinh anh 1Nguyen Duc Chung, former Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Investigation Police Agency under the Ministry of Public Security on March 17 took legal action against Nguyen Duc Chung, former Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, citing his involvement in the purchase of the water cleaning agent Redoxy 3C to purify lakes in the city that ran counter to regulations and caused losses to the State.

During the investigation into the case of “violating regulations on the management and use of State assets, causing losses and wastefulness” at the Hanoi People’s Committee and related units, initiated in April last year, police found that Chung and Nguyen Truong Giang, Director of the Arktic Trading Service Co. Ltd, had abused their positions and power to order the Hanoi Water Drainage Co. Ltd to buy Redoxy 3C for lake purification from Germany’s Watch Water company via the Arktic company in a manner that ran counter to regulations, thus causing losses to the State.

Given this, the police agency decided on March 17 to add the charge of “abusing position and power while performing duties” at the Hanoi People’s Committee and related units to the case it is enquiring into.

It also officially launched an investigation into Chung and Giang for this charge.

The police’s moves followed the approval of the Supreme People’s Procuracy.

In December 2020, the Hanoi People’s Court found Chung guilty of “appropriating confidential state documents” and decided to sentence him to five years in prison./.