Former soldiers succeed in business

Old men who were once soldiers have no longer carried guns for the national sovereignty. However, they still dedicate for contribution to local economic development by running their own business.

Founded right after the national reunification day of April 30, 1975, An Khe Cooperative of Rattan and Bamboo products is considered the oldest of its kind in Da Nang city.

Having gone through lots of ups and downs, the cooperative is still constantly developing. It is now home to 40 members and nearly 200 workers.

 “My parents and wife used to work here. My brothers and sisters and I are still carrying on. We are former soldiers so this cooperative is so special to us. We have shared many things here,” said veteran Nguyen Lai from An Khe Cooperative of Rattan and Bamboo products, Da Nang City.

Despite remaining hardships, the cooperative is now an intimate, home-like workplace for local old workers, poor and disabled people.

Van Thi Hoa, An Khe Cooperative of Rattan and Bamboo products, Da Nang City said: “My family was poor two years ago but now we can make ends meet. My husband and I both work here. Chairman Tuong is a local veteran and he takes very good care of people.”

Meanwhile Nguyen Thi Tung said her legs do not allow hẻ to work far from home. She was appreciated that Tuong understood and offered her a job here.

Thanks to constant efforts in technological renovation, the Cooperative’s rattan and bamboo products have gained quite a name in not only the domestic market but also the overseas ones. In 2017, 600 tonnes of processed rattan and 50,000 products have been exported to Middle East and ASEAN markets, bringing it total revenue of some 880,000 USD for the whole year.

 It has opened three branches in the city and some household-based manufacturing facilities in Quang Nam, Quang Binh and Thai Binh provinces, creating jobs for some 150 labourers.

Veteran Tran Ba Tuong, Chairman of An Khe Cooperative of Rattan and Bamboo products, Da Nang City said: “I went through tough time serving People’s army of Vietnam in war, so I have always kept in mind President Ho Chi Minh’s motto of considering human as foundation of every thing and working as a measure of contribution to the country. So we always seek ways to keep workers busy all year round and improve their income.”

With 30 core members being veterans, it can be said that the cooperative is built upon the former soldiers’ determination and efforts, showing their dedication to contribute to the country’s well-being.-VNA