To nurture her hobby and spread the love for books to every voracious reader, a retired lecturer has created a free bookstore in Hanoi’s Dong Da district. Amidst the busy city, her bookstore shines like a precious gem.

At 74, Pham Thi Huyen Dung could have chosen to retire and enjoy her days, yet she decided to pursuit her hobby: opening a free bookstore.

Ensconced in a corner next to Dong Da Hill, Dong Da district, in Hanoi, her little bookshelf has grown, boasting an impressive 10,000 book titles and attracting lots of visitors.

Dung’s love for books and reading rekindles the old flames of reading in people’s hearts. In the digital era where reading culture is threatened by newer forms of communication, her little bookstore is a diamond in the rough./. - VNA