French photographer opens heritage museum in Vietnam hinh anh 1A photo by Réhahn Croquevielle (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA)French photographer Réhahn Croquevielle has recently opened a Precious Heritage Gallery Museum in the central coastal province of Quang Nam.

Located in the UNESCO-recognised ancient town of Hoi An, the museum is the culmination of his five-year exploration of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups.

It also displays more than 30 traditional Vietnamese costumes and 200 photos with captions in French, English and Vietnamese featuring the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The museum opens daily so visitors can retrace Rehahn’s steps and discover Vietnam’s mysteries.

Réhahn is a photographer from Normandy, France, based in Hoi An since 2011. Led by his love of travelling and meeting people, he visited more than 35 countries before making his home Hoi An.

He is renowned for his images of Vietnam, Cuba and India, with some citing him as a photographer who captures the souls of his models.

Réhahn spends time with the people he meets and builds a relationship before photographing them.

Specialising in the ethnic groups of Vietnam, he has travelled to the far reaches of the country on his motorbike to capture the images of these cultures.

Rehahn published his first photo book about Vietnam in 2014, named “Mosaic of Contrasts”, followed by “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Volume II” in late 2015. 

His photograph ‘Hidden Smile’ capturing Madame Bui Thi Xong, a boat rower in the Hoai River in Hoi An, was published in the photo book Vietnam-Mosaic of Contrasts./.