Every year, Vietnamese farmers burn millions of tonnes of rice stubble in the field instead of recycling them, a setback for the country’s orientation towards green development.

In a bid to address the issue, the International Rice Research Institute held a workshop on maximising the use of rice production by-products to generate additional profit for locals, in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho on March 3.

According to figures revealed at the workshop, the regional rice industry discards more than 22 million tonnes of straws, 4.5 million tonnes of rice husks, and almost 2.2 million tonnes of bran.

The institute pointed out a number of sustainable measures to tackle these concerns. For instance, with advanced technology, straws can be transformed into ethanol, eco-friendly products, construction material, and domestic animal food. Rice husks, used as combustible material, is a potential export option to Japan, China or the Republic of Korea, valued at around 500 VND per kilogram.

Associate Professor Dr. Duong Van Chinh, Director of the Dinh Thanh Agricultural Research Centre, said the use of technological advances during the harvest process will increase the quality and commercial value of by products.-VNA