Bamboo is quite cheap when sold as a raw material, but a bamboo bicycle can sell as an innovative product and fetch a price more than a hundred-fold the cost.

These electric motorbikes are the product of a Vietnamese startup. The price is between a half and a third cheaper than a petrol-powered motorbike. This one can also carry more cargo and is much more economical than a petrol counterpart. There are also savings of up to 50% on maintenance costs and 25% on fuel costs.

Feasible and environmentally-friendly, green startups have attracted millions of USD from investors in fields, such as new materials, apparel, agriculture, and manufacturing.

According to figures from Nielsen on Vietnamese consumers in 2020, 80% are willing to pay more for products with a commitment to “green” and “clean”. Many analysts believe that changing consumption habits are both an opportunity and a challenge for startups in the production of green, environmentally-friendly products./.