The Ham Rong cultural tourist site will become an attractive tourist destination in central Thanh Hoa province in the near future.

Under an overall planning on preserving, restoring and promoting the values of the Ham Rong historical and cultural relic site recently approved by the Prime Minister, Ham Rong area will be built into a centre of ecotourism, cultural - historical tourism and human cultural tourism, a camping site and an entertainment and sports centre.

Covering a total area of 568.7 ha in Ham Rong ward, Dong Cuong and Thieu Duong communes in Thanh Hoa city, the site will include world-renowned Dong Son archaeological sites; historical and revolutionary relics such as Ham Rong and Ngoc Mountains , C4 and Quyet Thang Hills; Dong Son, Hac Oa and Phuong Xa ancient villages; and religious works.

In addition to trade centres, hotels, restaurants, cultural and recreational areas and tourist attractions, there will also be a complex of luxury villas located on the right bank of Ma River, an ethnic minority cultural tourism area and a botanical garden.

The planning will be conducted in line with Thanh Hoa city’s socio-economic development and sustainable tourism.

The sites of Ham Rong, Bridge, Ngoc and Rong Mountains and C4 and Quyet Thang Hills and Ham Rong Power Plant went down in history as the symbols of the courage, resilience and will of the Vietnamese people during the resistance war against French colonialists.-VNA