Hanoi’s export turnover this month increased by 3.4 percent over the same period as last year, hitting 955 million USD, raising the city’s total export revenue in the first half of this year to 4.8 billion USD.

According to the Hanoi Statistics Office , t he foreign invested sector registered an export value of 1.95 billion USD and the state owned sector reported an export turnover of 1.93 billion USD.

Eight out of 11 export items saw rising turnover. Computer accessories and peripheral units were up by 34.5 percent, followed by wire and cable, handicrafts, petroleum, electronics, glass and glass products.

Agricultural products, coal, footwear and leather products saw a decrease in export turnover. Agricultural products, footwear and leather products fell by 18.4 and 16 per cent, respectively, while coal export turnover dropped by 37.9 per cent.-VNA