A get-together for NA delegates from the first to the current tenure was held in Ho Chi Minh City on Jan. 4 to mark the 65th anniversary of the General Election of the Vietnamese National Assembly (Jan. 6, 1946).

Addressing the event, Deputy Head of the HCM NA deputies’ delegation Huynh Thanh Lap said that Jan. 6, 1946 was recorded as a resplendent milestone in Vietnam ’s history.

The success of the General Election has confirmed the right to the mastery of Vietnamese people who gained independence from slavery to organise the first workers and peasants democratic state in Southeast Asia, he stressed

He noted that the Vietnamese NA has made worthy contributions to the nation’s revolutionary cause over the past 12 tenures.

The NA is the embodiment of the great national unity, representing people’s will and desire and striving for the goal of national independence and reunification and the current goal of a rich people and a strong country, and a democratic, equitable and civilized society, he added.

Deputy of the VIIIth legislature Tran Trong Tan laid stress on the necessity for a NA deputy to memorise people’s right, saying that the role of the NA, the nation’s most powerful agency, is extremely important, especially in the current and future integration.

Meanwhile, deputy of the IXth and XIIth legislatures Tran Du Lich said that the strong advancement of the NA’s democratization had combined with the national renewal process.

Democracy has been exercised at the NA’s discussions, question-and-answer sessions and law promulgation through collecting opinions from experts and representatives of all strata of people as well as through monitoring activities, he said./.