Transport and water supply agencies in HCM City have to prepare proposals that effect savings of 10 percent in fuel consumption and reduce istage in water supply by 2 percent compared with last year, the municipal administration has directed.

A report posted on the government website says Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the HCM City People's Committee, has also ordered the Department of Transport to come up with ways to encourage city residents to use public means of transportation at least one day per week.

Initial targets for the campaign will be civil servants, Party members, and students, the report said.

The proposal on encouraging widespread use of public transportation should also include promotion of walking and cycling.

The department should also work with districts in the city's outskirts to establish motorbike parking lots that commuters can use before boarding buses to the city centre, the report said.

All government agencies in the city should set up a plan aimed at saving energy in using their vehicles, it said.

The report said Quan has asked the Sai Gon Water Supply Corporation to encourage water-saving habits among city residents. For itself, the corporation should find ways to reduce leakage of water, targeting at reducing istage in water use by 2 percent over last year.

Other government agencies have been asked to effect a 10 percent decrease in water expenses over last year.

Quan emphasised that the proposals have to be effective and convincing for residents to adopt energy and water saving practices. /.