This year, H’Mong ethnic people in Tram Tau district, in the mountainous province of Yen Bai, will celebrate Tet differently. In previous years, they celebrated two New Year festivals, one was the H’Mong traditional New Year and the other the national Tet holiday, but this year they will only be celebrating the latter Tet date.

During leisure time after the harvest period, women in Cu Vai village, Xa Ho commune are busy sewing beautiful clothes to wear during Tet. It takes five days to make each set of clothing.

Giang Thi Sua’s family has five people, therefore it takes Sua a month to sew all the clothes for everyone in the family.

There are 50 households in Cu Vai village, thanks to the support of the Government, local people’s lives have been transformed.

Xa Ho commune has severe weather conditions in winter, and more than 90 percent of the local population is H’Mong ethnic people. Encouraging local people to only celebrate the official national new year celebration has been an effort of local authorities.

Despite its many difficulties, people in Tram Tau village, Yen Bai province are anticipating a more streamlined New Year celebration, under the guidance of the State, Government, and local authorities.-VNA