Hung Yen offers fascinating tours of longan orchards

With a total longan area of some 5,000 ha, Hung Yen province is considered Vietnam’s “longan capital”. In addition to selling the product to traders, growers in Hung Yen also give visitors a chance to spend time at their orchards and enjoy their fruit.

This is an unforgettable memory for Mr. Nguyen Son Nam, a Vietnamese man living the US, as he can enjoy longan in an orchard for the first time in his life.

Since the beginning of the season, the Hung Yen Provincial People’s Committee has organised a number of trade promotion activities to bring longan and products made from longans to domestic and foreign markets.

Localities and longan growers have worked with travel agencies to promote the Hung Yen longan brand far and wide.

Welcoming tourists to experience the longan season is a new form of tourism for farmers in Hung Yen. It is also an effective channel for promoting local products, sending Hung Yen fruit to domestic and foreign markets./.