Indonesia crushes Christmas attack plot hinh anh 1The counter-terrorism police of Indonesia. (Photo: Internet)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian authorities said that national police stopped a suicide bombing plot on Christmas after killing three people suspects in a fire exchange at a house in South Tangerang, Jakarta’s outskirts on December 21.

The police also found the bombs hiding in this place.

National police spokesman Rikwanto said that one of the three suspects threw a bomb at the police while being sieged, but it did not explode. The suspects planned a knife attack at a police post and a suicide bombing when many people gather on the Christmas Day.

The plot was discovered as one of the suspects was captured in the morning of December 21, disclosing three other accomplices and their hide.

The siege took place nearly two weeks after Indonesian police captured four Islamic militants, including one woman, in Bekasi, east of Jakarta as they plotted a bomb attack in one of the security posts in the Presidential Palace. The police said that investigations on the terrorist network and their activities are underway.-VNA