Indonesia encourages increased processing in agriculture, fisheries hinh anh 1Illustrative photo (Source:
Jakarta (VNA) Indonesian President Joko Widodo has underlined that the downstream process (the processing of raw products) should not be limited in mining but expanded to other sectors such as agriculture and fisheries.

Speaking at a conference on February 22, President Widodo said that downstream industries in mining of coal and nickel have brought about considerable income for the country.

Highlighting that small change will create great added values, he stressed that Indonesia should expand the downstream process to other areas such as agriculture and fisheries.

The Indonesian leader took Thailand as an example, emphasising that the country produces and exports peeled coconuts at a price that is three times higher than that of the whole fruit, bringing great added value. Meanwhile, coconut is also one of the specialty fruits of Indonesia, but this country has yet to earn the same, he said.

In the field of fisheries, fish sold in the form of fish sauce products brings less added value than finished products as fishmeal and fish floss or other products, he noted.

President Widodo encouraged localities to be more active and creative to produce more added values for the country’s economy./.